( The  Key  To  Getting  Clients  To  Your  Establishment )


In a technology dominated world it is nearly impossible to stand out and be seen amongst your competition. In a multimedia-driven society, the best way to entice your target market and bring more clients to your establishment is through multimedia. We all know having a bad experience at any establishment, both real and/or virtual, is a huge turn off. By providing your clients with a modern, up-to-date, easy to navigate, well designed, inviting website, you can be sure that every visitor on your site will be returning.


1. Easy To Navigate :


Most important element of a successful website is a clear, easy to use navigation tool. If your 

website is not easy to navigate, no one will use it. Your menu and homepage should be laid out

clearly and your theme must remain consistent throughout all pages.




2. Simple Attention-Grabbing Headline :



The average adult has an attention span of 8 seconds. When a new potential client visits your

website for the first time, they will decide in a matter of seconds if they will continue to explore

who you are through your website or leave for good. By having a clear, simple, attention

grabbing headline, you can be sure that this potential client can become your next client.




3. Obvious Assets :


Your prospects are not going to search to determine why they should take the next step with

you, you must make it clear and apparent to your prospect why your establishment is exactly

what they need. You must have a clear list of what you can offer your clients, so they are aware

of how you can benefit them and be an important asset to your them.



4. Call to Action-Hook, Line, and Sinker :


How to get your visitors to stick. Once you have a prospect on your homepage, you need to reel

them in. By having a strong call to action, you can be sure your prospect becomes your client for




5. Easy to Contact :


By having a “Contact Me” tool on your Homepage, you’re making it very clear to your prospects

that you are accessible and that is key. No client wants to work with an establishment that

makes their clients jump through hoops to get in touch with them.



6. Clear Mission Statement :


Make your mission statement Clear and Compelling. To be sure your statement is compelling, be

sure your appeal is directed to your current and prospective clients. Not to the general public. Be

aware of your purpose and know your voice. These are key components to a clear and

compelling mission statement.



7. Social Proof :


The power of “Social Proof” is everything. Make your establishment present on social media. We

as individuals are wired to “have what she’s having”. By using social media, you will be able to

touch base with more and more individuals which encourages more prospects to visit your




8. Testimonials:


The Proof is in the Pudding. Testimonials from previous and current clients are huge. They add a

humanistic factor to your homepage. This will allow you to earn the trust of your new prospects.

When potential clients see past clients, who are satisfied about your services and talk about their

experiences publicly on your homepage, it will give them the confidence to make that step from prospect

to client.


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